Historian & Educator

With a unique hands-on approach, combining archaeological and experimental techniques with unparalleled archival research,  Andy Robertshaw aims to show what it was really like to be on the frontline of history.

Andy’s great passion is communicating the reality of war to all age groups. His dynamic presentation style encourages you to get your hands dirty and dig into history, whether in his replica First World War trench, on an archaeological site on the Western Front or handling artefacts in the classroom. His years of onscreen experience, including Time Team and Who Do You Think You Are?, as well as on children’s TV, ensure he can hold the attention of any group. He understands how to reach out and bring history to life and working as Head of Education at the National Army Museum to his current role as a freelance educator, he has led the way in innovative military history teaching. Most recently he advised on CBBC’s online history resources.

Today, Andy acts as a consultant  for a wide range of educational programmes and archaeological projects. His services include:

  • School talks & university lectures
  • Summer schools (incorporating archaeological research and hands-on learning)
  • Trenches for Teachers
  • Historical advice and consultancy work for television/film productions and educational outreach projects
  • Subject matter expert for the British Army and the Norwegian Army
  • Creation of tailored teaching and learning resources (print, online & visual media)
  • Battlefield tours (for school, university, private, corporate & Armed Forces groups)
  • Museum display & archival consultation
  • Consultant to key archaeological projects (currently working on the Hawthorne Crater project – see the Archaeology or Major Projects pages.)