Forthcoming Events

Andy is once again available for in-person talks.

For CEMA replica trench events see more details at Centre for Experimental Archaeology page. The programme of visits to the trench is ongoing.



8 February

St Augustine Academy trench visit

24 February

Springfield School, King’s Lynn -” Medicine in the Trenches” (GCSE module talk) / “Working as a military film adviser” 6th form talk (am)

Wells-next-the-Sea Library  – “1917 – Year of Battles”  2.30pm (Tickets available from the library)


7 March

Blackheath High School trench visit


4 May

Living Land Event

18 May

Barton Court Grammar School trench visit


26 June

Dartford Grammar School  – “Not Just a White War” lecture


3rd and 4th July

Dartford Grammar School trench visit

12 July 

Wye School trench visit

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