Forthcoming Events

Andy is once again available for in-person talks. Contact

For CEMA replica trench events see more details at Centre for Experimental Archaeology page. The programme of visits to the trench is ongoing.



Trench open weekend in conjunction with Kent Flower Show, Kent County Showground, 10am-4pm



Trench open weekend in conjunction with Detling Antiques Fair, Kent County Showground, 10am-4pm

26 June

Dartford Grammar School  – “Not Just a White War” lecture



WW2 display as part of an event at Maidstone Girls Grammar School. The school is building a visitor centre for their WW2 air raid shelter project. Combined trips will be available to the shelters and the WW1 trench at the CEMA site, Kent County Showground

3rd and 4th July

Dartford Grammar School trench visit

12 July 

Wye School trench visit

tbc (between 15th and 30th July)

Trench open day linked to the Festival of Archaeology, Kent County Showground, 10am-4pm



Trench open weekend in conjunction with the Military Odyssey event.  Full access to the WW1 replica trenches throughout each day, until the final re-enactment WW2 battle, Kent County Showground, 10am-4pm



Trench open weekend in conjunction with the Detling Antiques Fair, plus visit by members of the Kent Archaeology Society and Heritage Festival, Kent County Showground, 10am-4pm

21 September

Gads Hill School

26 September

West Kingsdown School

27 September

St John’s School


3 October

All Faiths Junior School

6 October

Trinity School

11 October

Birchwood Grove School

13 October

North Bridge House School

14 October

Portsmouth Grammar School

20 October

Highlands School

21 and 21 October

Highlands School


4 November

Moon Hall School

9 November

St Helena School

10 November

Halsford Park Primary School

11 November

Lenham Primary School

15 November

Hextable Primary School

17 November

Anglia Christmas Truce (Army event)

18 November

Skinners School

24 November

Anglia Christmas Truce  (Army event)

26/27 November

CEMA open day (alongside Antiques Fair in the showground)

30 November

Highworth School


1 December

Anglia Christmas Truce (Army event)

7 December

Tonbridge School

8 December

Anglia Christmas Truce (Army event)



18 and 24 January

Hall Mead School


8 February

St Augustine Academy


Blackheath High School


4 May

Living Land event


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