Having begun his career as a teacher, Andy is passionate about communicating the reality of war to all age groups. His dynamic teaching style encourages students to get their hands dirty and dig into history, whether in a replica First World War trench or on an archaeological site on the Western Front. His years of onscreen experience, including appearances on ‘Time Team’ and ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, as well as children’s TV, ensure he can hold the attention of any group. He has recently advised the BBC  on its online history resources for children. He understands how to reach out and bring history to life . In  various roles, as the National Army Museum’s Head of Education, Director of the Royal Logistics Corp Museum to his current role as a freelancer, he has led the way in innovative military history teaching.

During the period of commemoration for the fallen of the First World War, Andy undertook an extensive programme of school visits. Particularly pertinent are his talks on the Battle of the Somme, Developments in Trauma Medicine on the Western Front (with particular focus on the work of the Royal Army Medical Corps) and the Changing Nature of Warfare 1790-1918, all of which tie in with current history curricula in schools.

Today, Andy consults for a wide range of educational programmes and museums both in the UK and overseas. His services include:

  • School talks & university lectures
  • Summer schools (incorporating archaeological research and hands-on learning)
  • Trenches for Teachers (see section on The Trench Experience under Major Archeology projects or
  • Historical advice & consultancy for educational outreach projects
  • Creation of tailored teaching and learning resources (print, online & visual media)
  • Battlefield studies tours (educational, private, corporate & Armed Forces groups)

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