Ancestry Analysis – On the Road

Battlefield Partnerships tours the country offering guidance on how to trace your military ancestry and giving you the in-depth story behind your family medals, service records or the not-quite-told stories of your grandparents or other ancestors. War has shaped every family on the planet in one way or another and Battlefield Partnerships can help you and your family to unearth that military past.

The team has toured with the BBC’s World War One Roadshow. The team can be hired for specific events running its Military Ancestry Roadshows at your chosen location . For a small fee for each individual client, the team will provide information on the origin of artefacts, the relevance of documents and photographs and advice on how and where to continue research.  This is an ideal and original event for any group fascinated by World War One or other key conflicts.

If you would like to arrange a Military Ancestry Roadshow in your town, village, school, museum, church or for a specific group contact Andy on:-