The First World War Soldier

“The talk proved an exceptional hit  – the use of the model was outstanding and captivated the audience’s attention. The students found the equipping of the solider for the Front- from underwear to overcoat, helmet and rifle – particularly interesting. The student concerned was equally up to the task and delighted in posing as a Great War soldier. Exceptional learning for the hour given – the students and staff were completely and thoroughly engaged. Students were continually included in the talk through probing questions. Mr Robertshaw’s relaxed and open manner certainly proved to make the experience a tremendous success. He certainly captured the audience – students from year 7 to 13 and staff alike. For the 6th form students present it was a great experience for them to meet such a noteworthy historian, someone to focus on and look up to. Mr Robertshaw will now be a regular at St John’s – complementing the work in the classroom in an altogether encompassing manner.”

St John’s Catholic School, Gravesend, Kent.

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